Over the past 20 years, I’ve written for clients in a very wide range of sectors and every topic imaginable – from heat pumps to student life, architecture and festive jumper campaigns.

As a seasoned copywriter, I’ll adapt my style to suit your business…whether that’s a cheeky vibe or a more subtle tone.

Tuned to your customers’ wavelength

My job as a copywriter is to find the right words to prompt your readers to buy your products or services. That involves a lot of psychology – to push readers across the line and make the sale.

I don’t need to be a qualified engineer to write about solar panels or an estate agent to write about property. What matters is that I understand what you’re offering and use the right words to prompt readers to take action – whether that’s booking a call, buying your product or something else.

Alongside my copywriting skills, I bring a fresh perspective to your marketing project – finding a new angle or looking at things differently.

Copywriting sectors covered by Bright Words Creative

Work for different sectors

Here are just a few examples of sectors I’ve written for. But, this isn’t an exhaustive list. I’ve written for many others but these are just some key areas. So, please do get in touch for a chat about your project.

Healthcare copywriting

Building trust and authority through clear, accurate and industry-compliant content.

Technology copywriting

Razor-sharp content that cuts through jargon and complexity

Charity copywriting

Build awareness and boost fundraising through powerful content that makes a lasting impact.

Property copywriting

Results-driven copy for estate agents, builders and planners.

Copywriting for universities

Writing attention-grabbing content for the UK’s top universities.

Retail copywriting

Consumer-focused content that drives traffic, increases clicks and boosts sales.

Topics that I don’t write about

There are a few topics I don’t write about because these just don’t sit well with me (e.g. gambling, tobacco or the sex industries). And I tend to turn down opportunities to write for some political organisations.

I’m an ethical copywriter and it’s important to me to write for clients who share similar values. But, apart from those few exceptions, I’m relatively flexible about the topics I write about. Let’s book a call to find out if we’re a good fit.

Ready to get started?

Give me a call today to find out how I can help you take your sector copywriting to the next level.