Copywriting for universities

If you want to attract the very best students to your university, then your marketing needs to stand out from the crowd. 

Students are bombarded with information about higher education choices. So, if your website is poor or a brochure is not inspiring, you’ll quickly lose their interest. The university’s distinctive selling points need to come across loud and clear in your marketing. That’s where I can help…as an experienced copywriter for universities.

Attracting the very best students


As an experienced copywriter for universities, I understand how to write for your market and connect with your readers. Every university is different. So, I’ll complete comprehensive research to help me understand how to promote your unique selling points and persuade students to book an open day, visit and apply. 

I write for all kinds of higher education institutions, with lots of different strengths and marketing approach. So, I’ll adapt my writing style to match your tone of voice precisely.

The Oxford University City,Photoed in the top of tower in St Marys Church.All Souls College,England

Hire a higher education copywriter

In the past 20 years, I’ve worked in the marketing team in a top 20 UK university. I’ve also providing copywriting support as a freelancer to many universities, working on just about every kind of project imaginable, including:

As an SEO copywriter, I’ll ensure that your content is written with search in mind and crafted with keywords – helping you to rank highly on search engines.

Getting the right tone of voice

I’ve worked on a huge range of marketing projects for some of the UK’s top universities – including the University of Oxford, the University of Southampton and the London School of Economics – adapting my writing style to fit these very different institutions.

I’ll flex my style to fit your tone of voice guidelines and I can also help you develop new strategic messaging and tone of voice guidelines.

Easy to work with and flexible

As a seasoned copywriter for universities, I’m friendly, affable and easy to work with. My clients will also tell you that I always hit my deadlines! 

I know that timings can move, particularly on large projects. So, I’ll work as flexibly as possible to fit with your project timings. I’ll keep you fully in the loop on progress updates.

A personal service, at sensible prices

As a freelance copywriter for universities rather than an agency, I don’t have plush city centre offices or high overheads – so I can offer a personal service at competitive rates.

But, most importantly, you’ll be working with me – and me alone. You won’t be passed from pillar to post around a team of agency staff. I take care of all the copywriting when you hire me.

An experienced copywriter for universities

I’m proud to work with several top 20 UK universities. My clients trust me to get on with the job and deliver results.

In my pre-freelance days, I worked as Marketing Editor at a top UK university (Southampton). I looked after the university’s main UG and PG marketing and supported more than 20 academic schools. 

So, I’m used to working alongside academics and professional services staff and I understand the challenges universities face.


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I'm proud to work with some of the UK's universities. Here are just a few examples

Bright Words LSE

London School of Economics (LSE)

LSE’s marketing team brought me in to write new content for all their undergaduate programme pages. This involved producing content for 40+ pages as well as writing department overviews. The project was completed ahead of schedule, to tight deadlines. Due to the success of this project, LSE has since asked me to help with new content for their postgraduate pages.

Sample content from the University of Southampton website

University of Oxford

I was heavily involved in the University of Oxford’s major website refresh, helping the team to streamline 11,000 pages on their old website. This involved rewriting existing content and consolidating pages but also creating new content for many new sections, including  sections on living and learning in Oxford.

In a separate project, I also created 150 business profiles for the University’s associate fellows, who include many well-known politicians, writers and broadcasters, and completed a large project that involved editing more than 100 blogs written by undergraduates.

Bright Words University of Southampton website screenshot

University of Southampton

As a freelancer, I helped the University of Southampton with many marketing projects, involving web content, department prospectuses, alumni magazines, recruitment campaigns, newsletters, signage, posters and more.

I developed the University’s first-ever style guide, which was adopted across all academic schools and I ran a popular copywriting course for academic and professional services staff.

A screenshot from the Southampton Solent University website

Southampton Solent University

I’ve worked on regular marketing projects for this world-class university, producing content for prospectuses, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters and annual reports. This involved working closely with the in-house marketing team, academics, external designers and many others – often with exceedingly fast turnaround times.