Whether you’re producing a brochure or a sales letter, I’ll ensure that your content is crystal clear and typo-free with my business proofreading service. I spot all those pesky typos but I also ensure that the content is well-written and presents a professional, consistent message about your business.

Did you know..?

Research shows that 85% more visitors leave a site after viewing a single page if there are errors. Online ads with typos also saw a 70% decrease in clicks compared with error-free ads*. 

There’s no doubt that typos can crush your credibility – impacting on your business reputation. It’s really difficult to spot errors in your own writing. Word blindness can set in if you’re reading text for the umpteenth time, so it can be easy to miss mistakes. That’s where a business proofreader can make all the difference.

*Source: Website Planet

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Get rid of those pesky typos

There’s nothing worse that finding a typo in your copy once you’ve sent out an important email or report that you’ve spent hours crafting. This can be really embarrassing and also potentially impact on your business reputation. 

It can be hard to spot this kind of thing when you’re rushing to meet a deadline or get an email out.  Let me help you avoid those embarrassing mistakes with my business proofreading polish service. No job is too big or small – I’ve checked everything from emails through flyers, leaflets, brochures and PhD theses. 

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The benefits of hiring a business proofreader

I don’t just correct spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I also look at the bigger picture – checking that the messaging is clear and concise and removing waffle and ambiguity. Complicated messaging can at best cause confusion and, at worst, have legal or business implications. 

As a business proofreader, my job is to look at the content through the eyes of your readers and make sure your words are meaningful and punchy. It’s basically like having your own business sanity checker. So, whether you’ve written 500 words or 500 pages, I can help with my business proofreading service.

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A few words from my lovely clients…

Case Study

Business proofreading for an award-winning heritage project

I collaborated with heritage consultant Lyndsey Clark on an editing and proofreading project involving new interpretation panels for the Civic Square in Prestonpans, East Lothian.

This was part of a wider project to regenerate Prestonpans’ Civic Square – the principal public space in the coastal town – and specifically the local war memorial. 

I edited and proofread two interpretation panels with information about the built, natural and cultural assets in Prestonpans, including the war memorial. The aim was to encourage walkers and  cyclists passing through the town along the John Muir Way to stop in Prestonpans. The content needed to be clear, grammatically accurate and engaging.

The project has since won a national Scottish Design Award 2023. My client, Lyndsey Clark, has since asked me to work on regular editing and proofreading projects.

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