Frequently asked questions

When you’re having a look around my site, you may have a few questions about working with me.

I’ve answered some of the most common questions I get asked below. But, please give me a shout if you have any other queries.


I can understand that, if your budget is really tight, you might question whether to hire a professional copywriter or write the words yourself. I get it. But, by hiring a professional who writes marketing copy for a living, you’re investing in your business.

A customer’s first interaction with your business will probably be through your website, email marketing or blogs. So, you need to win them over from the get-go. As an experienced copywriter, I use tried-and-tested tactics to ensure that you make the right first impression. I look at your business through your customers’ eyes – drawing out the unique selling points to make your offerings irresistible.

It can be difficult to write about your own business because you’re just too close to it. So, as a copywriter, I bring a fresh perspective.

Plus, by outsourcing your content, you won’t have the hassle or stress of doing this yourself. You can take this task off your to-do list and get on with your day job.



Lots! I can help with:

  • Web copywriting and landing page content
  • Blog writing
  • Email marketing
  • Business case studies
  • Awards submissions
  • CV writing
  • Sales letters (see my blog, ‘Is the sales letter dead?’)
  • ebooks and lead magnets
  • Brochure and newsletter copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Social media marketing (paid and organic).

I’ve helped dozens of clients with different projects over the years. Get in touch to find out how I can help your business.

The cost really depends on the type of project and the amount of content you need. As an example, some customers might need me to interview several team members for a blog whereas other projects only require online research. 

I’ve included some indicative prices on each of my service pages so you can get a broad idea of the costs.

I’m always happy to produce a quick quote for any project or have a chat about costs over the phone.

I’ve worked as a professional copywriter for more than 20 years, both in-house and as a freelancer. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s best-loved brands, as well as many smaller businesses.

When you hire me, you can be confident that you’re working with an experienced professional who is  well-versed in the latest marketing trends and tactics.

You’re definitely in safe hands.

I’m really fortunate that a lot of my work comes through referrals and repeat business. But some work also comes from website enquiries and social media – particularly LinkedIn.

I’m a mid-priced copywriter. I’m not the cheapest – there are lots of sites from far-flung lands offering copywriting services for peanuts. Content mills have a reputation for churning out high-volume content quickly, at a low cost.  So, you may not get the quality you’re looking for.

When you hire me, you’re getting a copywriter with proven expertise in writing high-quality marketing content for businesses just like yours. This comes with years of experience and training. As one of my clients recently said, ‘you get what you pay for in the end’.

I’m an ethical copywriter – so I keep my costs affordable and in line with standard industry rates. You can find out more about the going rates from ProCopywriters – the main professional organisation for copywriters in the UK.

I want you to be really happy with your content. You may well have a few tweaks and comments and my quote includes one round of changes. That’s all that clients usually need anyway.

I’m happy to make further changes at a later point but this would come at an additional cost – charged at my hourly rate of £40 per hour.

Again, this really depends on what you need but I’ll always give you firm timescales at the start so you’ll know exactly when you can expect to receive your content.

To kick things off, we’ll need to discuss your brief. A copywriting brief is so important, as I explain in my blog.

I’ll be realistic about the time needed as I never compromise on quality.

Obviously, the timescales will also depend on how quickly you can provide any input needed from your side of things.

It’s really important that your content meets your needs. I invest a lot of time upfront at the briefing and research stage to ensure that I’ve got a really good understanding of your needs.

But don’t worry if you do need to make changes. I include one round of amendments and tweaks in my costs. Obviously, if you’ve decided to change the brief substantially midway through the project, I will need to charge more.

For new client projects, I ask for a 25% deposit. I may ask for staged payments for particularly large projects, but we can discuss this when you first book in.

I understand that it’s not always possible to give lots of notice with a project. If it’s a blog or a small piece of work, I can usually fit it in fairly quickly. For web projects or larger campaigns, I’ll definitely need more notice.

I work very flexibly around my clients. My usual working hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Occasionally, I will take on a project out of hours at weekends – but I would charge extra for work outside standard office hours or for very quick turnarounds.

It’s best to drop me a message or give me a call and I’ll let you know if I’m free. If I don’t have any capacity in the near future, I’m usually able to recommend other trusted copywriters who can help.

The brief is one of the most important parts of the project for me because I will use this to guide all my research and writing.

In an ideal world, I’d want to meet with you to discuss the brief and I’m always happy to travel within a reasonable distance.  I also meet with clients on video calls, usually via Zoom, Skype or Teams.

Before our meeting, I’ll send a few questions over to you to provide a framework for our chat and help me collect as much information as possible about your business, customers and  competitors.

I’ll also ask you to send over any useful background information, reports or website links.

For a fun take on this, read my blog on what Mad Men teaches us about the copywriting brief.

My business is my living and so I’m not able to offer copywriting for free, I’m afraid. I’ve spent many years investing in my skills, training and development. So, I do need to charge a fair price for my services.

But, by hiring an experienced professional, you can rest assured that your marketing is in good hands.

I may well have experience writing about your sector but, to be honest, it’s not a showstopper if I haven’t.

I’ve written for scientists, engineers, builders, tea experts, estate agents, joiners, financial experts, a supermodel (!?!?) and many others. So, I can turn my hand to lots of different writing styles.

Writing about different topics keeps my writing fresh. The benefit for you is that I’ll see your projects with a fresh perspective. My clients often tell me that I’ve found a selling point or angle that they’d never considered or overlooked.

Fortunately, it’s a very rare occurrence but, if you have to cancel midway through a project, I will need to charge at least 50% of the original fee. This is because I’ve already committed research and work to the project.

If you run a business, you may well have received emails from ‘SEO experts’ based in far-flung lands, offering to get your business website to the top of the Google rankings for next to nothing.

The reality is that no one can guarantee this – whatever they say. As an SEO copywriter, I can optimise your content to help you get found. In fact, I’ve helped many clients achieve excellent first-page rankings for the keywords they want to be found for.

I’ve also got top Google rankings for my own business (which might be how you’ve found me!)

However, it’s never guaranteed. 

I’m happy to take you through this in more detail when we start work on your website project.

Social media marketing

I can help you with a variety of different services, including:

  • developing a social media strategy for your business
  • a social media audit to help you build your profile, reach and following
  • social media training (one-to-one or for your team)

I can advise on the best service for your budget and needs.

Alongside these services, I also provide day-to-day social media management for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This depends on what you need.

I can help with content creation (words, images and videos), engagement, influencer outreach, community interaction and more. It’s vital that you post regularly and consistently on your platforms which, of course, takes time.

Day-to-day social media management starts at £400 per platform per month. I benchmark my rates against industry standards annually.

My social media training costs start from £699 and an audit from £225.

I would suggest booking a social media health check – which is essentially an audit of your platforms. This will provide some tailored advice to help you grow your social media marketing. It’s also a very affordable option if you don’t have the funds to outsource your social media marketing.

I’ve been managing social media marketing for clients for several years – helping my clients to raise their visibility, brand awareness and reach across their platforms.

In 2020/21, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing – an intensive six-month course where I was assessed on my work on a real client’s social media platforms. Graduates from this nationally acclaimed course regularly go on to manage social media marketing for top UK brands.

So, when you hire me, you’ll be working with a social media specialist who has been trained by the best in the industry.

I keep my skills up-to-date and I’m a founding member of The Social Club, a 200-strong group of female entrepreneurs and social media marketers.

For day-to-day social media management, you’ll need to commit to at least three months of support. This is because it takes time to build awareness, relationships and improve reach on your platforms – this will not happen overnight. I’ll be tracking the results weekly and sharing regular updates.

From there, we can start to refine your approach to make sure we’re delivering 100% on your business goals.

Got another question?

Let’s have a chat over a cuppa. Please get in touch today.