Facebook paid advertising


Facebook advertising offers a highly targeted way to get your products and services in front of your ideal customers. You can target your Facebook ads by location, age and interests. You can also use retargeting to get your ads in front of people who’ve engaged with your social media, visited your website or already made a purchase.

Getting the most from your investment

However, the Facebook ads interface is notoriously complex. All too frequently, we see businesses that are not getting the most out of paid advertising on Facebook because they don’t understand how to optimise their ads. We can help you navigate this – handling everything from setting up your Business Manager account through to creating the ads, setting your audience targeting and ad delivery.

Our owner, Karen Bright, trained with one of the world’s leading Facebook ads specialists – Emma Van Heusen – on her highly acclaimed 12-week Facebook Adcelerator course.

Karen is now offering paid Facebook advertising for businesses across the UK.

For a fixed monthly fee, Karen will:

  • Assess what you want to achieve from Facebook advertising and agree some objectives
  • Set up your Business Manager, Ads Account and the Facebook pixel on your website (for retargeting campaigns)
  • Set your audience targeting based on your business and your goals
  • Produce compelling visuals and content designed to connect with your audiences
  • Set up and run your Facebook ads campaigns
  • Monitor your campaigns throughout and report back on your KPIs

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